Dollar Store & Thrift Store Haul with CraftyThrifter

This week was a good week! Especially for thrift store shopping. I’m so in love with the latest vintage piece I found for myself. You’ll understand once you watch my latest Dollar Store and Thrift Store haul video below. Now I just need to figure out where to wear it to… […]

Dollar Tree, Thrift Store Haul

Dollar Tree, Thrift Store Haul

This one is a haul. A haul of my recent purchases at a local Dollar Tree and some area thrift stores and antique shops. Hope you enjoy it!

Thrift Store Shopping is “Good” For the Environment

Who knew thrift store shopping was good for the environment?!  Alright… so maybe it isn’t that odd when you think about it, but until the new health website HellaWella pointed it out to me recently, I just had never thought about it that way.  I mean, we’ve always gone to […]