SXSWi here we come!

This weekend we’ll be at SXSWi! It’s the first time we are actually attending this conference, and well, let’s just say we’re bien excited! Thanks to a couple of friends we also recently just figured out how to work Snapchat. FINALLY!! So we’ll be using Snapchat to share all of […]

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Revolucionarios Wanted: SXSWi

Probably better defined as líderes in our community, a “few good Revolucionarios” are wanted this year at South by South West Interactive (SXSWi).  These individuals can be nominated for recognition in one of three categories as defined by The Social Revolución, the official Latino event at SXSWi: The New Americano […]

Wrap Up: The Social Revolución & SXSW

So we made it finally, after a late start to our road trip, yesterday, to The Social Revolución at SXSWi in Austin, Texas.  For a moment there it looked like we might not because of delay after delay – lo que me pasa por no haberme preparado the night before […]

¡Qué Nice! I’m Officially Nominated as a Revolucionario!

Nombre, pues not sure if the shoe quite fits… pero I am very grateful to have been nominated for this award as a Revolucionario at SXSWi!  This is the email that came in today surprising me with the good news! I’m just besides myself with excitement!  Are you kidding me?! […]