This weekend we were invited to a quinceañera. Well, to a sweet 16 really. Except for all intents and purposes it was really a quinceañera. There was the mass, chamberlanes and damas, the surprise dance, the father-daughter dance, el regalo sorpresa, and Juan’s sister was even the madrina de corona.  It was a really nice event, sweet […]

Meet and Greet Daddy Yankee & Enter For a Chance to Win The Ultimate Quinceañera

What quinceañera wouldn’t want Daddy Yankee performing at her big Quince?  Even better, what parents of a quinceañera wouldn’t want all of the expenses of this costly rite of passage celebration covered by someone other than themselves?!  ¡Así sí tiramos la casa por la ventana! Well, apparently that’s exactly what […]

Generation ¡Quiero Mis Quince!

Remember the good old days when quinceañeras were a relatively simple affair?  Sure there was big pink puffy dress to buy (notice I said pink); chamberlanes and damas to coerce into dancing a traditional balz – oh the horror of those memories (think bad dancing and awkward pairings); and then there […]