Paulina Rubio coming back to telenovelas?

Paulina Rubio coming back to telenovelas?

According to Latin Times, Pau Pau Pau Paulina Rubio could be headed back to telenovelas! Anyone remember Baila Conmigo?  Gotta admit, we’re kind of excited about this. It seems like ages since La Chica Dorada was in a regular telenovela series. And truth is, it’s been at least about two decades. Anywho, word is Paulina won’t […]

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Pau, Pau, Pau-Latina Paulina is Coming to the X-Factor

So either there’s more to this recent influx of Latina judges on mainstream television shows or Simon Cowell is just plain losing his touch.  Why else would the “larger than life” and smaller than his ego celebrity producer of X-Factor select Mexico’s very own Chica Dorada to replace pop princess […]

Finally! A Reality Show in Spanish I Actually Want To See!

The only problem, it doesn’t air this side of the border.  I’m talking about Mexico’s version of The Voice – appropriately titled La Voz México – and until today, I didn’t even know this show existed.  Now, ya no me aguanto las ganas that one of the major US Spanish-language […]

Behind The Scenes at #Billboards2012

I promised you guys behind the scenes access, and well, here it is! So far this trip to Miami has been amazing. So much to see and not enough time. Telemundo has been amazing to all of us bloggers. Gracias!

So… Who’s Performing at the Latin Billboards?

Tomorrow by this time hopefully I’ll be en route to the 2012 Billboard Latin Music Awards.  As you all have probably heard by now – with my constant gushing about it over the last couple of days – I’ll be attending the awards show as a guest of Telemundo, and […]