It’s never too late to deviate from normal

It’s funny the things that stay with us… forever it seems. This evening after a long and hot day all I wanted to do was get home, crash on my bed, and immerse myself in the social oblivion for hours upon hours, doing what we all enjoy doing every once […]

A picture is worth a hundred memories

A picture is worth a hundred memories

One of the things about growing up in two cultures is that you always feel as much one as you do the other. Como quien dice, siempre tienes un pie aquí y un pie allá. No matter the time and distance. It’s been a few years since we’ve set foot […]

Happy memories

Happy memories

Nothing could have ruined our trip, I realize now. One city and then another, winding roads, bridges, freeways, laughter in the car at times, frustration at others. My nephew still remembers to the this day the moment I turned around and told him to be quiet before he burst into […]

Halloween in the Hood: Memories and Moments of Happiness

Halloween in the Hood: Memories & Moments of Happiness

Three weeks before Halloween the sign would go up.  Right outside of our neighbor’s front door.  Usually atop plastic decorations, mock spiderwebs, and tarantulas or pumpkins that would let us all know the most anticipated holiday of our year was finally here.  We didn’t know why or how this tradition […]

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Imported: Mexican Treats & Memories

Family going to Mexico always means getting lots of great goodies when they come back.  Recently my parents came back from a trip to our Cerritos, San Luis Potosí in México, and desde luego mamá had to bring enough Mexican treats for all of our huge familia.  Most of these items […]

Miracle in Edingburg, Texas

Whether it had been a particularly difficult year only my parents knew.  We’d still managed to make it to school everyday like we normally did.  On Saturdays like clockwork we’d all pack into the chocolate, our fudge brown colored, four door, rusty sedan, and drive down to the Valley Mart […]

Growing Up, Growing Old, and Holding On to the ‘Niño Terco’

Get up.  Get ready.  And go.  That’s the way we always lived life.  Never having any time to really stand still, at attention, free, just to enjoy the moment.  Other than when we lived in the Rio Grande Valley, and that was just for a couple of years in between […]

Did I ever tell you about the day I was born? – A Guest Post

I was very fond of my Dad and we were very close.  For several years on my birthday, he would tell me this story about the day I was born.  My Dad was tall and thin.  His name fit him well.  He was dark olive complected with very black hair.  […]