Los Castigos De Nuestros Padres

It’s no secret that our parents (Latino moms and dads) do not play when it comes to discipline.  My mother and father, papá especially, didn’t have to do more than give us “The Look” in order for us to know it was time to stop whatever we were doing immediately […]

Blogger vs. Blogger – Juan of Words vs. Latinaish

Remember the comic strip Spy vs. Spy?  Well this is the Blogger version of it, and who better to help me inaugurate this very fun and virtual challenge than the one and only Latinaish.  I couldn’t have asked for a better or fiercer competitor than Tracy, because aside from being […]

Did I ever tell you about the day I was born? – A Guest Post

I was very fond of my Dad and we were very close.  For several years on my birthday, he would tell me this story about the day I was born.  My Dad was tall and thin.  His name fit him well.  He was dark olive complected with very black hair.  […]

Raising A Bilingual Kid: Quinceañera Talk

The question was really meant as a joke.  Are you going to have a quinceañera when you grow up? What really caught me by surprise was his response (as you’ll hear in the video below).  In all of his eight years and eight months Edgar really believed it was normal […]

Favoritos P’al Verano

“Sigamos juegando”, decían Kiko y El Chavo anoche, después de que no pudimos hacer funcionar el Playstation para ver una película yo y Edgar, y optamos mejor por ver unos capítulos antiguos del ‘Chavo del Ocho’ a través del Internet.  Like usual, the entire cast of nutty characters, which so […]

La Vergüenza de Mi Primer Carrito: Viejo y Feo, Pero…

“When the bell rings you better hurry up and make it to the car.  If you’re not there by the time I get there, I’m leaving you!”  That was the constant threat to my younger brother when we’d get to school in the mornings… that is when I wasn’t trying […]

El Día E

Spanish is actually my first language.  Y a pesar de haber estudiado y vivido toda mi vida aquí, nunca deje de hablar el español. My parents wanted us to speak both languages and made it their job to teach us español at home.  Por eso ahora cuando la gente se […]