Lessons from my father: ¡Con Cuidado!

It’s in the little things I see my father in me. It’s the little things about him I miss the most too. The way he used to smile with his eyes. The power in his carcajada. The things he used to say to me then when I would take them for […]

It’s never too late to deviate from normal

It’s funny the things that stay with us… forever it seems. This evening after a long and hot day all I wanted to do was get home, crash on my bed, and immerse myself in the social oblivion for hours upon hours, doing what we all enjoy doing every once […]

we're not that cool parents juanofwords

Sorry, Kiddo. We Are Not That Cool!

In every parent’s life, there comes that moment when despite all of our best efforts we have to come to terms with facing the reality… well, of our reality.  It’s not a pleasant experience and very rarely do we get to choose when it happens.  Most of the time it’s […]

Miracle in Edingburg, Texas

Whether it had been a particularly difficult year only my parents knew.  We’d still managed to make it to school everyday like we normally did.  On Saturdays like clockwork we’d all pack into the chocolate, our fudge brown colored, four door, rusty sedan, and drive down to the Valley Mart […]

Home Is Where The Heart Is

There’s something about visiting one’s parents that always makes us feel at home.  Even when we’re long gone, with homes, lives, and families of our own, nothing quite compares to the feeling of showing up at your parents casa and feeling the familiarity of home. It doesn’t even matter that […]

Growing Up, Growing Old, and Holding On to the ‘Niño Terco’

Get up.  Get ready.  And go.  That’s the way we always lived life.  Never having any time to really stand still, at attention, free, just to enjoy the moment.  Other than when we lived in the Rio Grande Valley, and that was just for a couple of years in between […]

“And They Called It Puppy Love” – Tontitos Enamorados

Of course her name was Maria Cantu!  It had a certain ring to it.  An air of beauty and romance.  Yes, even in elementary school! Her hair was golden brown, oro almost, like it had been kissed ever so sweetly by the sun, with large, dramatic curls that were long […]