Lechon. Cochino. Puerco. Pig. 

This was a conversation that took place over the weekend at my sister’s house.  Me: Hey, you’re looking for a pig?  My sister: *laughing* …yes! Other sister: I think I know a place where they auction pigs.  Brother in law: Do they auction individual pigs or several pigs together?  Other […]

Cumpleaños Feliz

Cumpleaños Feliz

We always sing that song when it’s somebody’s birthday. ¡Feliz Cumpleaños! Everyone gathers around the table, the celebrated cumpleañero sits in the middle, front and center before the cake, as we all wait in the room with all the lights turned off except for the ones on the cake, for […]

Sandia by Carmen Lomas Garza

When Something Goes Wrong ¡Nomás Echale La Culpa A Pancho!

FROM JUAN: Today I’m really quite excited to introduce the first of many friends who have signed on to give Juan of Words a breath of fresh air by sharing their own unique and very personal perspectives as contributing writers.  My friend Isabel Martinez is a fourth generation Mexican American […]