20 Most Popular Baby Names of 2013

20 Most Popular Baby Names of 2013
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Here’s a fun list!  What were the most popular Hispanic baby names in 2013?  If you’re expecting, or know someone who is, this information might be especially useful and/or fun for you to share. There are a couple of babies on their way in our family, and of course, everyone has an opinion about baby names.  But now, thanks to BabyCenter en Español, here is perhaps a more pragmatic approach.

The pregnancy and parenting resource skimmed over 50,000 names of babies born in 2013 to parents from the United States and Latin America who registered on BabyCenter en Español to come up with their list.  And the results, well, at the top spot are Sofia and Santiago!  For the seventh year in a row no less.  Mateo, Isabella, Matias, and Martina also made the list, along with a handful of others.

Pope Francis is even credited with the popularity gained by baby names Francisco and Francesca in 2013, numbers 37 and 66 out of the Top 100 Hispanic baby names respectively.  You can view the full list of all Hispanic baby names from last year, and some of the predictions for this year, at BabyCenter.

20 Most Popular Baby Names of 2013

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  1. Son nombres muy lindos. Hace un año tuvimos nuestro primer bebé y le pusimos Diego Armando, para mi papa, (Diego) y mi esposo (armando). Me gusta cuando la gente elige nombres hispanos para sus niños, así respetamos a nuestra herencia.

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