Into the wilderness

As human beings we have a tendency to look back at our pasts and contemplate what could have or should have been different. Maybe it would have changed the course of our life in one way or another. Perhaps if that one defining moment hadn’t taken place, or it would […]

Friday Fun: Write The Caption!

It’s Friday, you’ve had a long week, and you need a good laugh!  I get it… so here it is folks.  This picture made me think of Mexico and all of the fun we used to have with burros.  My youngest sister was actually obsessed with them for a little […]

Foto Of The Day Challenge – #SeptemberFotoOfTheDay

If you liked August’s Foto Of The Day Challenge, you’re going to love September’s new list!  Fresh off the presses, this new list is brought to you by none other than the beautiful and very creative Anjelica, mi esposa for those of you that still don’t know.  She always has […]

Foto Of The Day Challenge – #AugustFotoOfTheDay

Por  mia culpa I had not been able to post the August Foto Of The Day Challenge until now, but this list is brought to you by no other than the great twitter user @mexicanwoman – who just so happens to be a reader here and a personal friend.  I […]