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Modesty Above All Else Means Saying No In Order To Say Yes

¡¿Pero para que van a gastar tanto dinero?! Pero si aquí hay comida. Acabo de poner un arroz y frijoles. Nombre van a gastar bastante y a mi ni me gusta la comida en esos restaurantes.   El arroz siempre esta bien seco. ¿Para que vamos a comer arroz seco? […]

My Mamá Is Gangsta: Sending Tamales Via USPS!

I wouldn’t normally say this about my mother, much less in front of her, as she would either: a) be insulted by the use of the word “gangster” to describe her, even if it is in slang form and very loosely used; or b) kind of confused and probably insulted […]

Mexi-Vocabulario: ¡Madre!

So this week’s Mexi-Vocabulario is completely the creative work of one of my readers.  This individual asked to be identified only as JTO, and a couple of weeks ago had sent me this very comprehensive list of all the things the the word Madre means to us Mexicans.  Sure, the […]

Madre De Todas Madres: El Sexo Femenino y Sus Virtudes

My mother has always had a saying: el que lucha encuentra.  For a long time I thought it was exclusive to her, that she was the only one in my life who felt that way, that somehow, for some reason, she had had this ingrained in her mind and heart, and that […]

Lessons From My Mother

My mother has always been a strong woman.  Much stronger than any of us could have ever imagined, I think.  She was the one who crossed the Rio Bravo with a child on each arm, my brother Chuy in one, me on the other, sitting on nothing more than a […]