I'm just so awkward

I’m just so awkward

I am about to call a spade a spade. I am awkward. There I said it. I am well aware that I am awkward. I am always second-guessing myself because I know how odd I can be, and seem, to other people. For instance, I can be visibly awkward. Exhibit […]

Something To Smile About Cricket Wireless

Something To Smile About!

Disclosure: I have partnered with Cricket Wireless as a 2014 Blog Ambassador. All opinions are my own. Smiling. I’m all for it. All of the time. For no good reason. Just because. I love to smile and to make other people smile. Life is too complicated already to not try and find […]

Quirks & Superstitions

By Los Metiches  Because we all have them.  And really, what’s the sense in denying them?  Como diría El Chavo… pos pa que le digo que no, si sí.