De Confianza

De Confianza

Ser una persona de confianza is a matter of honor in our culture. Well, at least in my culture as I understand it. I don’t want to make any blanket generalizations about what other people might feel or think just because we happen to share an ethnicity or culture. What I will say is that ever since I can remember to describe someone as being de confianza is a huge compliment and also pretty great for that said person’s reputation.

It’s like giving them your seal of approval. Putting your word on the line that this individual is someone that somebody else can rely on as a trustworthy person.

The other phrase that comes to mind is de palabra. 

Have you ever heard “yo soy de palabra”, “te doy mi palabra”, or the ever popular “mi palabra es la ley”?

The latter is etched into many of our hearts and minds, from long nights coupled with many a longnecks chugged back to the rhythm of cumbias and rancheras.

In our cultura, in my cultura at least, being de confianza is right up there with being una persona de bien. A respectable member of society.

Do you agree?

Deep in the heart of Texas

This past week I took a day trip to the state capitol in Austin. It was a rather unexpected trip that I made only with my mom and my brother. It had been quite a long time since I had traveled anywhere outside of the city without Juan, since we almost always travel together. Still, I thought making this trip was a good opportunity for me. I sat in the passenger seat on the way there and back, and spent that time just talking to my brother.

We talked about  little nothings really, and had a few good laughs.

Along the way I also took a few pictures of the Texas countryside. I love capturing the beauty of the Lone Star state. And yeah, I guess you could say I was literally “deep in the heart of Texas.” Deep in the heart of Texas Deep in the heart of Texas Deep in the heart of Texas Deep in the heart of Texas Deep in the heart of Texas Deep in the heart of Texas Deep in the heart of Texas

Happy World Cup Games!

Disclosure: I have partnered with Cricket Wireless as a 2014 Blog Ambassador. All opinions are my own.

Happy World Cup Games

Today, in the FIFA World Cup 2014, Mexico played and won! 

I can still remember the first time I learned about the FIFA World Cup and watched my first match, at about 12 years old. My family was all outside, gathered around a small television set that was propped up on a make-shift bench, watching the game. Even though I’ve never been one to follow soccer, the World Cup excitement caught my attention then, as it has every four years since. 

There’s just something about the world finals that gets me every time.

During that first game, I can still hear the excitement in the announcer’s voice as it fluctuated up and down, each time becoming a little more erratic. My heart was beating pretty fast as he said: “Y se la pasa a Cortez, y Cortez el da  para la derecha y pa la izquierda… Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee NO!” 

The whole spectacle was way too long, but it was unforgettable. Not to mention that I was up until about 2 a.m. with a bunch of adult women and men who had to be awake at 6 a.m. that same morning for work.  

There I was, the little version of myself, trying my hardest not to fall asleep before the fun and excitement was over, all the while getting awoken each time I closed my eyes with the yelling and screaming happening around me. Still, I wouldn’t change a thing. I am just happy that now I am not trying to stay up until all hours of the night to follow the matches.

Happy FIFA games everybody! And may the odds be ever in your favor.

I totally stole that from the Hunger Games.

To keep up with all the Wold Cup action, there’s even an app for that: 

Happy World Cup Games

#VidaConCricket Juan of Words - Anjelica Cazares

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Tacos potosinos, and then some

I promise we’re not transitioning into a food blog. Not yet anyway, jajaja! Only that lately we’ve been around a lot of great food. Take for example these tacos potosinos, accompanied by a side of delicious homemade gorditas al estilo El Sauz, Cerritos, San Luis Potosi, México. That’s my family’s rancho in Mexico in case you’re not aware.

And you see, well a lot of our family and conocidos from the rancho have been holding regular fundraisers in order to raise enough money to rebuild the community church in El Sauz. They’ve been selling these delicious treats, among many others, to make that happen. From what I hear, things are going quite well. So there I went, determined to make a difference, and of course, to get my own tacos and gorditas too, jajaja! Okay, so maybe one more than the other… LOL!

But the point is the food was delicious. The tacos potosinos (front and center below) were especially amazing.

I think I’m ready for the next fundraiser.

Tacos potosinos, and then some

Tacos potosinos, and then some

Tacos potosinos, and then some

An early Father’s Day gift


It had been years since anyone had massaged my feet. Until today that is. A couple of days ago the folks from Massage Envy reached out to me to offer me an early Father’s Day present. My choice between a deep tissue massage or a Swedish massage, on the house. I’d never had either so I had to do some research first. Al final me decide por un deep tissue massage, and can I just say, it was AMAZING!


After the long week I’d had last week, it was also exactly what I needed at this moment in my life, jajaja! Okay, so I’m being a little overdramatic, but it was very restful and relaxing. My session lasted about an hour, and after it was over I walked out feeling renewed and refreshed. No sé. The only other time someone had massaged me like that, it was a chiropractor. She was good and all, but she was very rough. I mean twist-you-neck and pop-every-bone-in-your-body rough. She was harsh!

Aquí, on the other hand, they were very gentle.  

I have to admit, I was a little apprehensive at first. “Guys don’t do this.” “Am I supposed to get naked.” “What’s the difference between a deep tissue massage and a Swedish massage?” “Should I have a male or female masseuse massage me?” All of those questions passed through my mind, pero al final decidí hacerlo anyway. What the hey, right?

It was definitely worth it, and I had to come home and tell you about it.

An early Father's Day gift There’s also a cool little perk that comes along with this experience. I get to do a giveaway for one lucky dad to get the same royal treatment at one of the 30 Houston area Massage Envy Spa locations. You should be in Houston (or nearby anyway) to participate in this giveaway. Either you can enter for the father(s) in your life, or if you are a father yourself, you can enter your name into the race too :-)

Here’s what you have to do to participate: 

  • Leave a comment on this post before 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, June 11, 2014

That’s it. I will select a winner at random and announce the winner on the blog later this week. You should really apapachar papá. In case you don’t win, but still would like to treat dad to a massage, here’s some info on Massage Envy’s Father’s Day offer:

Massage Envy Spa, the pioneer and national leader of professional, convenient and affordable massage and spa services, is offering a Father’s Day gift card special at its 30 Houston Massage Envy Spa locations: purchase a $75.00 gift card for a 11⁄2- hour massage session and receive a complimentary deep muscle therapy enhancement.  * Father’s Day is June 15.

When:   This offer is valid only at the 30 participating Houston-area Massage Envy Spa locations from June 1 through June 15, 2014.


Mango Salsa – Recipe

Mango Salsa
Here in Texas, right around April is when we first start experiencing that unforgiving heat and humidity we’re so famous for. That’s also about the time of year I start making fewer and fewer appearances outside during the day. I am sure it’s obvious by now, but if you don’t know, I really do not like the hot Houston summer days! The one thing I do like about summer, though, are all the fruits and veggies that are in season this time of year! 

For me, all that means is A LOT of good eating. I love salsas and pico de gallos especially. This one is a mango salsa that my sister recently re-introduced me to. It’s sweet, tangy and spicy all at the same time. Oh, so heavenly! And I can eat an entire batch in one sitting. That wouldn’t be so bad considering the salsa itself is pretty healthy. It’s all the tortilla chips that have me feeling guilty later. Nonetheless, I wanted to share my recipe here with you today.  

What you’ll need:

- A bowl to mix your chopped veggies and fruit
- A sharp knife
- A cutting board
- One mango
- One tomato
- One onion (yellow or purple will work)
- One jalapeño chile or Serrano chile
- Cilantro
- Lemon (I prefer lemon rather than limes)
- Salt to your tasting


- Chop you veggies and fruit to size for the texture of your liking
(Here I want to quickly add that I use a device almost like the “slap chop” to get smaller, more thinly diced portions) 
- Pour all your chopped veggies and fruit into the bowl
- Mix them together
- Squeeze lemon over your salsa to your taste
- Add salt also to your taste
- And ENJOY! 

What I like: 

I prefer thinner cuts with the tomato and onion and larger chunks with the mango, cilantro and chile. It’s easier to remove the chile later if the salsa turns out too hot. I hope you give this recipe a try and let me know what you think.

Mango Salsa

Mango Salsa

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