Selective memories

You never know where life is going to lead you; how life is going to change; how rapidly everything you think you know can be challenged. And that in it of itself is probably the only constant in a world full of variables.

Today is one of those days. Where one path has been outlined. And we’re all a little bit scared.

In moments like these it’s nice to think about the past. The road we’ve traveled thus far. The happiness. The laughter. The trying times. And the moments we thought we couldn’t overcome. Especially the moments we thought we couldn’t overcome. It’s nice to remember those moments and to remind ourselves how strong and resilient we can be.

It lifts the spirit to reminisce, and yes, it is entirely our choice to remember only the parts of the journey that mattered most.

Selective memories

JLo releases new single ‘Feel The Light’ for HOME

It’s not everyday I get pitched about Jennifer Lopez. Although considering who we’re talking about here, you’d think I’d be getting Jenny from the Block related content all of the time. In any event, when this email came into my inbox announcing the new single by La Diva del Bronx for the upcoming animated film HOME I was all like “OOH LA LA!” And of course, then I had to listen to Feel The Light and share it with you all here. A ver que les parece.

Beginning Thrifting with CraftyThrifter

So I’ve pretty much been shopping at thrift stores for as long as I can remember. Ever since I was a young girl, thrifting has been a way of life for me. There are actually segundas around my neighborhood that I’ve grown up with, which got me thinking… why not share some of the things that I enjoy most about thrift shopping on video? So here we go. I’m calling this one “beginning thrifting with CraftyThrifter.” Let me know what you think, and I’ll see you on the next video.

Why Paquita La Del Barrio taking the plunge matters

For too long now we’ve defined attractiveness by waistlines and bulges. If the numbers on the scale aren’t low enough, if the bulges are too round and too plentiful, if we just can’t fit into that shirt or pair of pants the way we think we should, chances are we’ll just be too embarrassed to even try. For too long we’ve hindered ourselves by all these self-inflicted limitations. We can’t wear that. We can’t do that. People that look like us can’t partake in that kind of activity. It just never ends. There’s always a reason why we can’t.

Which makes Paquita La Del Barrio’s recent bold move to strut her stuff and jump into the jacuzzi with Raul De Molina on El Gordo y La Flaca all that more awesome. Good for her! If you haven’t seen the video already you have to check it out. She does seem more than a little uncomfortable during the jacuzzi segment, and granted the network obviously had more gratuitous reasons for convincing Paquita to take the plunge, but after it was all said and done, she really did make a lot of us proud. Until now mostly size 2, bikini clad starlets had set foot in El Gordo’s jacuzzi. Even Paquita says at one point during the segment that she was afraid her and Raul would not fit in there together.

The fact is they did. And by doing so Paquita has given us one more reason to admire her even more. ¡AJUA!

Why Paquita La Del Barrio take the plunge matters

Somebody please help Chiquis Rivera!

I know it sounds mean. In all honesty, this post is not intended to be malicious. Sure, when news first broke that Jenni Rivera’s daughter Chiquis Rivera would become a singer herself my expectations weren’t all that high. Then, after months and months of speculation, she finally made her first appearance as a performer sometime last year, and to my surprise she wasn’t half bad. If memory serves me right, my thoughts exactly were… “huh, maybe she does have a career ahead of her after all.”

Most likely that’s true even now. Chiquis after all is the daughter, niece, granddaughter, etc., of banda music royalty. The Riveras are nothing if not resourceful when it comes to managing their brand and careers.

The problem with her latest performance – at Premios Lo Nuestro this month – is that it was so different from her last. This time she seemed trapped somewhere between pop music, an Olga Tañon ballad, and a third kind of familiar sound that was reminiscent of the ranchera-banda music that made her mother so infamous. Only the woman performing this new single, La Malquerida appeared less Chiquis Rivera and more over the top and overdone. It was really just very confusing.

Hey, who knows? She is just starting out and finding her own voice. Maybe she’s just trying out different looks and styles to see what suits her most. We’re willing to wait around to see what her next performance will bring, pero on the real… somebody please help Chiquis Rivera. Echenle una manita…

Somebody please help Chiquis Rivera! Somebody please help Chiquis Rivera!

On Culture, Music & Fashion, La Santa Cecilia

Two years ago – in Miami during Hispanicize – Anjelica and I walked into the elevator of the hotel we were staying at to go back downstairs to the lobby. We had just stepped into the elevator when immediately we glanced at each other and gave each other that grin from ear to ear that usually means we’re about to do something unusual. You see, La Santa Cecilia happened to be in the elevator with us and we recognized them as soon as we saw them. I could tell Anjelica was thinking about how she was going to introduce us when immediately I uttered, kind of loud too, “you’re La Santa Cecilia!”

They looked amused, but also a little scared at the flood of words that came afterwards from both of us. By the time the doors opened in the lobby we were taking selfies and telling La Marisoul how awesome we think she is, and her band too. They were very good sports, and I’m taking the fact that they still speak to us when we run into them at their shows as a sign that they were more amused than scared during that, our first encounter.

This month, La Santa Cecilia was in Houston for a performance. Los fuimos a saladar otra vez, and this time we were able to interview them about cultural identity, their music, and La Marisoul’s unique and always “on fleek” sense of style.

We still think they’re awesome!

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