Digital Incubator

A creative development workshop series.

The Digital Incubator by Juan Alanis and Anjelica Cazares is a creative development workshop series that teaches participants how to build and maintain a strong online presence utilizing social media and other readily-available digital tools and resources.

Digital Incubator workshops are offered in-person in a classroom environment, either over a period of several weeks or in a single day at major conferences or events. Workshop sessions are ordered in progression so that participants can learn from each individual session and build on what they have learned in the next session – whether they complete just one or more than one round of workshops.

The Digital Incubator by Juan Alanis and Anjelica Cazares is offered free of charge and is powered by Walmart.

Participants who sign up to attend will learn:

  • Social Media Best Practices
  • How to Build and Maintain a Strong Online Brand
  • Brand Identity and Brand Voice
  • Analytics for Social Media
  • Advertising on Social Media
  • Media Kits and Business Pitching
  • Navigating WordPress
  • Apps & Equipment for Content Creation
  • Overcoming Burn Out
  • Scaling and Pivoting

Workshop sessions are available in Spanish and English.

Currently the Digital Incubator by Juan Alanis and Anjelica Cazares is being offered in Austin, Texas. If you are interested in participating in one or more of these workshops, please fill out the following registration form.

For questions about the Digital Incubator or for sponsorship opportunities, please contact Juan Alanis at

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