Los Metiches: #MexiStyle Living


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2 thoughts on “Los Metiches: #MexiStyle Living

  1. OMG just now had a chance to watch these. Yeah I bookmarked it so I’d be sure and come back!!! I am laughing so hard about eating in the vehicle. Just last weekend we were running late and supposed to be picking up a client who is visiting from Germany, to take him out for some live music & try to give him some fun memories of Houston not just work stuff. So, after (finally) getting out of the house and dropping off our son at his sister’s, my husband and I stopped at a taco truck (you know it had to be the certain one he loves the most), and we pigged out in the car. And I didn’t eat quite all my food but did we throw it away? no way! But I did think about how the car smells after this sort of thing is left in it, and wrapped it up in two plastic bags that were in the glove box (yes we never throw away a plastic bag). Anyway when we came out from the show later our guest got in the car he said “smells like onions”… gotta love the guy, he followed THAT up with “you people know how to eat” OMG! 🙂

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