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Savoring Life To The Fullest: Whataburger Highlights Hispanic Artists

— The Whataburger Museum of Art commissions artists to embody pieces that are true to culture and family during Hispanic Heritage Month. —

SAN ANTONIO, TX — October 5, 2022 — (NOTICIAS NEWSWIRE) — Whataburger celebrates the most admired characteristics of Hispanics and Hispanic culture through artwork commissioned by The Whataburger Museum of Art (on Instagram @TheWMOA.) To celebrate and support fans whose artwork uplifts, inspires and connects us, WMOA has commissioned a collection of art during Hispanic Heritage Month titled – Savor Life to the Fullest, artwork by the fans and for the fans – featuring four Hispanic artists throughout the month-long celebration.

The WMOA featured artists are:

@miramayraart: Mayra Zamora was born in Austin and currently lives in Corpus Christi, Texas. Her current body of work is a devotion to the fundamentals of art and her love for her Mexican heritage. Zamora focuses on what she considers the most important elements of art: Line, Shape, & Color, while incorporating Mexican-American iconography. The concept behind her current WMOA submission was to create a digital illustration of her family in “calavera form” eating Whataburger around the dinner table. Zamora explains that this is to honor her family, Día de los Muertos, and Mexican artist José Guadalupe Posada.

@TacoBoy: Eddy Rios, a native and resident of San Antonio, Texas,  is a multimedia illustration artist and goes by the name of “Taco Boy.” He is a self-taught artist and has a passion that burns for tacos, Whataburger and pop-culture. In his current WMOA piece, his art concept included the Whataburger drink cup, as one of his earliest sources of inspiration, depicting a happy scene from his childhood of his mom, himself, and a piñata.

@artistraulrenegonzalez: Raul Rene Gonzalez, a native of Houston, is a multidisciplinary artist who currently lives in San Antonio, Texas. Gonzalez incorporates a wide range of mediums and methods in his paintings, drawings, sculptures, murals, installations, live and recorded dance and other performance-based work. Gonzalez explains that for this year’s WMOA piece, he was inspired by San Antonio’s diverse musical history, including Conjunto performances. He says he thought it would be fun to create an accordion inspired by the orange/white colors of Whataburger.

@SoyEmpire: Roman Perez, artistically known as Empire, originates from Monterrey, Mexico, and grew up in San Antonio, Texas, where he currently lives. At only 25 years old, Empire’s art embodies in full pop-art color what it’s like to be bicultural and proud of his Mexican-American heritage. Perez says that for this year’s project with WMOA, he designed his own luchador mask inspired by the character Whataguy, a superhero character in kid’s meals used during his childhood. He says he always saw him more as a luchador because of the cape and mask.

“At Whataburger, we’re proud of the diverse collection of artists that have contributed to WMOA since its start,” said Brooks Boenig, Marketing Director, Whataburger. “These artists’ bodies of work express their optimism, heartfelt traditions, alegría de vivir (joy for life,) bright colors, bold flavors and the unique perspective of savoring every moment to the fullest.”

WMOA commissioned these Hispanic artists to create their own pieces of art that embody this cultural spirit. The artists and their work will be featured throughout Hispanic Heritage Month, September 15 – October 15, with a weekly social media post on @TheWMOA Instagram page. Whataburger also asks their fans to tag Hispanic artists that deserve recognition and to highlight them.

To learn more about WMOA’s origins, please read here (click En Español, and select Spanish.)

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