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MyCajita Elevates Cool Summer Drinks to an Experience with Handblown Artisanal Glassware

— Crafted by Mexican Artisans especially for MyCajita, the experience Mexico subscription box, delivered to your home -

LOS ANGELES, CA - April 15, 2021 - (LATINX NEWSWIRE) - With all the signs of hotter days upon us, nothing could feel righter than sipping cool drinks in handblown glassware that will transport you to white-sand beaches and tropical landscapes.  MyCajita, a little box of huge artisanal surprises, is featuring the iconic, Mexican blue band glassware made in Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, Mexico.

“Jamaica, horchata or tamarindo, the three most popular Mexican aguas frescas, or your favorite margarita will be elevated when you drink them from this beautiful, artisan-made glassware,” says Rachel Matos, MyCajita Chief Marketing Officer.   “My favorite cool drinks are a strawberry margarita when I want an adult beverage, but for the entire family my go-to is Jamaica (hibiscus flower).”

Whether you are looking for something new to celebrate Cinco, a gift for Mother’s Day or planning a summer BBQ this glassware will be a hit. MyCajita can be your gift guide for discovering many more cultural experiences and these boxes with the handblown glassware are here just in time for hot weather days. 

The Salud Box includes four handblown glasses, four talavera coasters, one Pez Powder Rimming Salt and one Public Goods Organic Agave.

The Margarita Box includes two margarita glasses, one large rim salt holder and the rim salt.

About Handblown Glasses

This glassware is crafted in Mexico by master glassblowers and made from 100% recycled Coke bottles. The bottles are washed and broken into pieces, which are then heated to a molten liquid and artfully spun, blown, and shaped into the beautiful glasses.

Talavera Coasters

Talavera pottery is a form of Majolica pottery that came to Mexico by way of Spain and Northern Africa. The Moors introduced the geometric patterns to Spain during the 12th century and it was quickly adopted by craftsmen in Talavera de Reina in Castile, Spain who brought it to Mexico under the Spanish crown. The process of covering the base in white is the reason it’s called Majolica pottery (tin-glazed earthenware) and allows the colors to really stand out. These Talavera tile coasters are all made by hand. Modern screen printing allows the painters to make them accurate and consistent.

Pez Powder Rimming Salt

Los Angeles natives and couple Lucy and Bret Thompson, owners of Pez Cantina, a modern coastal Mexican restaurant in downtown Los Angeles, are the creators of Pez Powder, a Premium seasoning blend of Chile and lime. The couple has created the perfect seasoning blend of chile spices and lime. A sure hit for any cocktail.

Public Goods Organic Agave

Public Goods organic agave syrup is made from the light, sweet nectar of the blue agave plant. As well as registering low on the glycemic index, it's also a good, natural source of vitamins B and C.  Product of Mexico

MyCajita boxes are curated to be a shared experience that reflects an authenticity, respect, and love of Mexico and its culture. The thoughtfully curated, monthly themed experiences include items across categories, lifestyle, home décor, food, fashion and beauty, also offered on our online shop.

About My Cajita
MyCajita (Spanish for my little box) is an experiential subscription box offering one-of-a-kind artisanal products curated to charm and entertain each subscriber, members of our community and discerning shoppers. The products are sourced directly from Mexico-based artisans which adds to the allure of this box for socially conscious consumers. Our monthly, curated, themed boxes deliver highly anticipated surprises to doorsteps everywhere. Our themed boxes include items across categories including, lifestyle, home décor, food, fashion and beauty, which are also offered on our online shop, Our online magazine features artisan stories and spotlights their handcrafted work and unique talents.  MyCajita is Latinx-owned and is headquartered in Los Angeles.

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