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  1. Just wanted to say that I enjoy reading about you and your beautiful family. I love all the pictures and your funny stories….Feliz Navidad!!!

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  5. Laura bozzo I’m trying to stay clean but I have no support and the money I get from my husband he always leads me back to the drug I luv him but if that’s the case I willing to leave him for the help, but I have no job and not one cent for a hotdog, I want to be able to enjoy life but I alsoade the wrong choice when my brother invite d me to smoke with the, but in my opinion he only did it to damage me all I want is a chance in life or a job “PLEASE” HELP Me!!!

  6. Hi Juan, I discovered your site this evening because I was watching a Mexican movie where the characters in one scene say “pipirisnais” and of course I did not find it in the dictionary. (Interestingly, earlier in the same movie they say “amigos de la high,” a phrase which I saw you also referenced.)

    For what it’s worth, the English subtitles translated “pipirisnais” to “moneybags.” And the expression that came to my mind as I read your explanation is “hoity-toity,” although this has perhaps less of a showy, over-the-top connotation.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your native-speaker knowledge!

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