Latina and Associates, Inc. Announces the Launch of Latina Publishers Association

— Latina and Associates is pleased to announce the launch of the Latina Publishers Association, a national organization organized to meet clients’ needs by leveraging the strength and capabilities of Hispanic-owned publishing companies. —

SAN DIEGO, CA — October 6, 2021 — (LATINX NEWSWIRE) — Fanny Miller, Founder and President of Latina and Associates, Inc., today announced her newest venture, the Latina Publishers Association, a not-for-profit that intends to fulfill the needs of clients and publishers through the pursuit of public-private partnerships.

“Thirty-three years of experience in publishing has taught me that transparency and honesty build trust with other professionals and clients.  I continue to enjoy the long-lasting friendship I share with many of my corporate and business partners and other publishers,” said Fanny Miller.

“Latina Publishers Association (LPA) welcomes all Hispanic or minority publishers and media business owners.  We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization registered in California, and LPA’s  Mission is to build a professional association that puts the needs of associated publishers and clients first,“ added Miller.

Miller, who intends to lead the LPA management team, will be stepping back from day-to-day publisher duties at El Latino - San Diego to focus on the launch and growth of LPA and expand her new businesses.

“I am confident that the time is right to grow and give back. We launched this week, and we intend to enter the Arizona market within the month,” added Miller.

The U.S. Census recently reported that the Hispanic population in the U.S. has grown to 18.5 percent or 61.2 million people.  The trend for continued population growth coupled with changing internal migration patterns in the Country signals the development of new Hispanic markets in regions not known for Hispanic demographic concentrations.

“Every day poses a new challenge, and nowhere on the horizon is the trusted advocate that Hispanic publishers need to help face those challenges.  LPA intends to be the trusted advocate for publishers just as Hispanic publications are the trusted voice for our growing communities,” said Miller.

“Opportunities are often left on the table or not considered because we consider ourselves competitors instead of associates and partners with the many clients who know and appreciate our value,” added Miller.

About Latina and Associates, Inc.​​

Fanny Miller, President
CEO/President of El Latino
Founder/Director of Celebrando Latinas Conference
Founder of Latina Publishers Association

President/Director of El Latino - San Diego, the number one Hispanic newspaper in San Diego and the largest Spanish-language newspaper owned by Hispanic women in California. El Latino - San Diego creates an unforgettable event for Latinas, a day to be pampered, informed, and motivated at Celebrando Latinas, the country's largest Spanish-language conference for Latinas. El Latino is a trusted brand that seeks to contribute to the success and well-being of San Diego County Hispanics.

Among her accolades, Fanny Miller is the recipient of the community advocate award from Wells Fargo, the Hispanic Marketing Lifetime Achievement Award from the San Diego Ad Club,  the 2021 Woman of the Year in Media award from the Latino Business Association, recognition by the San Diego Tribune as one of the 26 phenomenal San Diego women in business to know and 10 Women to Watch Publishing Leaders- Editor & Publisher Magazine, July 2021