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Los Angeles Part 2: Long Beach

So the last time we were in the City of Angels was over three years ago now. That time we were there for a concert and we got the pipirisnais VIP treatment. This time it was for work and it was more a do it yourself kind of experience. To be exact, our trip last week took us to none other than Long Beach. We had never been there either, but the experience overall was really quite nice.

The hotel, unfortunately, was not very close to a lot of attractions… and there honestly wasn’t too much time for sightseeing. It was a two day trip from Friday morning to Saturday afternoon. Still, there were quite a few little gems in this part deus of our visit to the Los Angeles area.

For one, not having a car and the kind of outrageous cab fares to get around the city made us give Uber a try for the first time. It was SO convenient and SO much cheaper too. No matter what our pickup location an Uber driver was never more than five minutes away. Plus being driven around everywhere was kind of fun in it of itself. Ya vinimos bien chiflados, jajaja! And the different drivers all had great tips on places to visit within a very short radius of the hotel.  

Saturday morning is when our exploring took place. We hit Seal Beach and had a delicious little breakfast in a small little cafe. We walked the pier and took in the laissez faire groove of a Saturday morning along the beautiful California beach in beautiful weather. Of course, the most favorite part of this experience were the gorgeous mountains surrounding the city and the breathtaking views they provided from almost every angle.

It was a much needed and highly appreciated change of pace from the day to day. Now to count down the days until our next visit!

 Los Angeles Part 2: Long Beach
This was the closest picture to California we got on day one… it was outside of a Target store of all places.
Here’s a little bit better shot. Still outside of Target, lol.
This was lunch. Carnitas al estilo California, hehe.
This aguas frescas machine was da bomb… wanted to bring it back home to Texas!
On Saturday morning this was breakfast. The Mexican omelet. So delicious!
And of course, the mandatory beach picture before saying hasta pronto Califas!
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