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Tejanos En Cali… Fornia For The Very First Time

So it had been years since my younger brother and I took a trip together just the two of us.  The last time it was to Cozumel in Mexico and we still crack up at all the craziness we got into on that trip.  This past weekend, though, de nuevo we had the chance to go somewhere out of town together… to California, Los Angeles no less.  I had never been to California.  He had, just not to LA.  Now if you know my younger brother and I you know that we are just completely silly and goofy when we are together.  We can spend the whole day just cracking inside jokes and cracking each other up with with things that probably wouldn’t be funny to anyone else but us.  So, of course,  I was excited about the trip!

It was a total blast.  ¡Nos la pasamos a toda madre!  And Los Angeles, gorgeous!  I loved everything about the city.  I still wouldn’t trade it for my Texas, but it was definitely a trip I think will stay with me for a very long time to come.

Here are some of my pictures from the viaje:

Texans in California Los Angeles City of Angels juanofwords
We stayed at the Ritz Carlton LA Live, which was extra luxurious and pampering to us.  They set ‘pantunflas’ on a towel next to the bed so we “wouldn’t have to touch the floor – we couldn’t stop laughing about this – and they even wrote me a personal letter welcoming me to the hotel.  ¡Bien pipirisnais!
We spent some time in Hollywood that first day.  Not even the rain was going to keep us from tracking our favorite celebs’ stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
This part of LA was very touristy as you can imagine, but it was a lot of fun.
It was very cloudy and wet so we couldn’t get a good picture of the Hollywood sign, but we did see it, and it was pretty cool.  Next time we’ll have to rent a car to get a better and closer view.
We found out Mel Gibson has roughly the same shoe size as my brother, LOL!.
And that Cantinflas also has a place on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  This was such an awesome discovery for me!
These were some of the most notable stars I saw!
The LA Live area where we stayed was gorgeous with bright lights and all the Christmas decorations.  Did I mention the weather in Cali was so NOT humid!  That was amazing!
At Mariachi Plaza, I was like a kid at a candy store.  There was so much ‘cultura’ there I just couldn’t get enough!  My brother had to practically drag me out of East LA, jajaja!
Then we stopped at Little Tokyo, which was equally rich in culture… 
And delicious foods!  This traditional Japanese pastry known as Imagawayaki was so delicious. There was literally a line of people outside of the store waiting to order.  We had to get in line too!
I couldn’t leave Little Tokyo without bringing Anjelica a few fun finds for her collections.
Then we got to hang out at the KIIS FM Jingle Ball.  The food and drinks were ‘muy buenos’ so we spent most of the evening at the VIP lounge just making those not-so-funny-to-anyone-else jokes!
Finally, it was time to come home.  I’ll be back again soon hopefully, LA!

Thanks Jr, for going on this trip with me.  I know we’ll have new stories to talk about for years, until the next trip!

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