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Imported: Mexican Treats & Memories

Family going to Mexico always means getting lots of great goodies when they come back.  Recently my parents came back from a trip to our Cerritos, San Luis Potosí in México, and desde luego mamá had to bring enough Mexican treats for all of our huge familia.  Most of these items are already long gone.  What can I say?  We don’t get them fresh from México all of the time.  But we did have the presence of mind this time around to snap a few pictures for show and tell.  Here’s what we got:

mexican treats antojitos juanofwords

Mexican candy.  Two of my all time favorites since generally I don’t like anything too sweet.  Suckers with hot chili powder on them and salt and lemon powder that goes great with anything or by itself.

Pepitas.  Or pumpkin seeds.  Dried, toasted and lightly salted.  Delicious as a snack for any occasion.  Especially handy to have around while watching the telenovelas.

Churros.  Kind of like chips, before there were Takis these awesome treats go great with a lot of Valentina and some lemon.  They actually sell them here in Texas too, but they’re way better made from scratch.

And finally, Gorditas de Horno.  Think of them as a cross between biscuits and corn bread.  Not too sweet.  With a soft texture that goes great with coffee, coke or any other drink of your choice too.

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