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Milk vs Soda: Which do you prefer with cake?

cake by matt gibson gothick_matt

In honor of Juan’s birthday, I decided that I’d address a topic, a choice, that has baffled me for many years. It’s nothing I lose sleep over but every birthday I attend and celebrate with birthday cake, the interest in this is spurred up again.

There are some things that go together without question, you know like french fries with ketchup or pancakes with syrup. So how about cake? What would you say cake goes with? If you are like me, and I thought everybody else in the world was, the answer is without question MILK!

Milk and cake is the natural order! Just like milk with doughnuts or milk with cereal. Well, when you get married you learn a lot about yourself and you learn a lot about your partner. Turns out HE doesn’t drink milk with cake. Turns out practically his whole family doesn’t drink milk with cake. This to me was a “wait now, hold on a minute” moment.

Here we were celebrating a birthday, don’t remember who’s, the cake is out, the song is sung and the face is planted right on the edge. After making sure I don’t get a piece of where he or she’s face was on the cake, I naturally search for a cup of milk. Low and behold, there was none! “What are you guys drinking the cake with?” I ask. “Soda” they answer. “Soda? Soda?!”

You can’t have soda with cake! Cake is sweet, sugary. So is soda! Nothing beats washing down a piece of cake with a nice cold glass of milk, especially when it is chocolate cake!

Yes, yes, I know not everybody around the world drinks milk with cake. My husband and his family made that very clear. I just had never thought about drinking cake with anything else. So whenever a birthday celebration comes around and drinks are put out to accompany a birthday cake, I wonder… is it just a regiomontano thing (my hubby and his family are from Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico…¡ajúa!) or do a large segment of the population really like their cake with soda?

What do you prefer? Milk or soda with cake?

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