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Latino Living: Mexican Decor Inspiration For The Latino Home

mexi living mexican decor for the latino home juanofwords

We haven’t played this game in a while.  Y’all know how much I LOVE my Mexican decor… and especialmente the little things that remind me about my little part of Mexico in San Luis Potosi.  That’s probably why I hardly ever get on Pinterest too.  Cause I could spend the entire day just finding cool pictures to share with all of you all of the time.  Pero bueno, these are some of the coolest finds I’ve found on Mexican decor via Pinterest lately.  Espero les gusten.

mexi living mexican decor for the latino home juanofwords
As originally pinned by Reiner Gogolin.

That wall is so rancho!  Our kitchen in Mexico isn’t this nice, but we do make use of the wall and ceiling space in very similar ways.  We have a door leading to our bedroom just like that one!

As originally pinned by Retire San Miguel Mexico.

Check this out.  That kitchen alone would seriously get me thinking about relocating to San Miguel, Mexico.  Talk about great marketing!

As originally pinned by Lisa Gilbert.

Since I’m currently on the hunt for a new desk this built in counter top space seems like the perfect area to do my writing.  The window and lighting are also pretty sweet.

As originally pinned by Patricia Chambers.

Now this kitchen, what really caught my eye were the chairs and table.  I have always, always been a fan of this style of craftsmanship.  ¡Hermosura de mesa!  

As originally pinned by Susan Barchard.

Ahhhh…. Talk about being at one with nature.  That tree through the kitchen gives this space such a relaxing feel.  At least for me it’s pretty awesome.  The tile everywhere is pretty cool too.

As originally pinned by Steve Cohen.

And this sink.  I’m not much of a fan of fixtures, but this sink is so classic, elegant and sleek that I had to share.  I want it now!

¡Bueno, pos happy pinning!

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