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¡Bienvenidos a Mi Cerritos, San Luis Potosi, México!

Today’s post is a very special one for me!  My writing often takes me back to a different time and place – one where life was always a little calmer, a little more independent, a lot simpler, and just the right dose of cultura and orgullo.  That place, for me, has always been very clearly defined.  It is the place where my parents grew up, where their parents grew up, where our deceased relatives are lying in their final resting spots (in the cerro of El Saúz), and where every summer as kids we spent magical days and nights learning who we were and the importance of where we came from.  That place is Cerritos, San Luis Potosi, México!

So yesterday, when I was surfing the net and happened to come across this collection of pictures of Cerritos, of all places on Facebook, my heart literally skipped a beat.  I was excited to have found such a great batch of images that so accurately bring to life the memories in my heart and mind of ‘Mi México’.  Even more excited that I could finally draft this post and say ¡Bienvenidos a Mi Cerritos, San Luis Potosi, México! 

I hope you love it as much as I do.

Open Fields in Cerritos - Las Milpas
Pemex Gasolinera - if this isn't the only gas station in town, it is one of only two or three. We definitely don't have any gas stations in the cerros.
This aerial view is new to me also. I had never seen an image like this of Cerritos, but I can tell you I'm already infatuated! I wonder if there are any chopper services in the pueblo these days. It might be a good business... hmmm.
I can't even remember how many times we've walked this street over the years. It's right there next to everything and full of such great food vendors all of the time. As you can tell, the streets in Cerritos are pretty narrow. You might spend a lot of times folding your side view mirrors in and out as you drive through Cerritos.
La Rinconada: this is a church at the top of one of the cerros near Cerritos. The story is that La Virgen de La Rinconada's likeness appeared one day at the top of this hill and then the community built a church in her honor. Every time we've gone to visit her at La Rinconada it has been for very specific reasons, para hacerle nuestras plegarias.
La Virgen en La Rinconada
This is such a great picture. It really captures the feeling of Cerritos at night. Some of our relatives live near this intersection so it really makes me feel very close to my Cerritos.
La Iglesia de San Juan Bautista - named after the real San Juan Bautista, but I've always enjoyed knowing the church and I share the same name. I'm a San Juan Martin though.
Cactus en el cerro. Man, I miss seeing these things!

And finally, a blast from the past of Cerritos. I believe this picture was taken sometime in the 1970s, though I'm not entirely sure. Other than the cars, it really doesn't look that much different from the Cerritos of today.

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