Juan of Words

Mujeres, Your Man: ¿Machote or Metrosexual?

¿Cuál de los dos?

Beginning today, every Friday on Juan of Words I’ll be offering a weekly vlog series titled Viernes Vloguero.  Why?  Just for fun… and because I’m hoping it will be a good kickoff to all of our weekends.  At the very least, a good laugh at my expense.

What will be on it?  Mostly burradas that I come up with, strictly for your entertainment, prometo, along with any of your cool ideas that I’m brave enough to carry out… or able to produce in a halfway decent manner.  Espero les guste la idea y se sientan libres de dejarme comentarios.  ¡Los que sean! (bracing for them)

So this first vlog is on Machos vs. Metrosexuals!  Well, more accurately, on how this mexicano came to the realization that I do have more metrosexual in me than I would care to admit.  The proof is in all the chucherias stashed away in my restroom right now.  Way more than junk than I would have ever imagined!

Can you say facial scrubs and blackhead strips?  ¡Uuyy, que cosas!

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