An Understated Oasis, Orange Beach in Alabama

Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Virginia, and DC

Hey guys, so far the trip has been excellent.  We’ve been to so many places, experienced so many new things, and have managed to make it all the way to our final destination in the DC area.  A few things you’ve probably noticed if you’ve been keeping up with our […]

Almost Ready To Hit The Road… in our Malibu, But Not Quite Yet

And the adventure begins!  In true mexicano style, while you’re asleep we’re still packing and getting ready to hit the road.  After a really hectic day where we did more en un sólo día than we typically do in an entire week, I’m sitting at the computer writing this post […]

We’re Taking Juan of Words On The Road – ROAD TRIP!

It’s official!  This time next week we’ll be on the road, si Dios quiere, taking our first real vacation in years… probably the first one period, to be completely honest.  You see if it wasn’t work, it was lack of resources, or something equally hampering to our vacation plans in […]