In Love & War: Is It Really All Fair Game?

There’s an old saying, which I’m pretty sure you’re all familiar with already, that goes a little something like this – there’s a very thin line between love and hate.  In truth, as unfortunate as it might sound, there really is quite a fine line between the two.  It’s easier […]

Besos de Queso: Chile Con Queso

Back in the day when my days were full of nothing but school, work, internships, workouts, and more, nothing would comfort me more than waking up on a Saturday morning and walking into the kitchen to hear my mom ask ¿qué quieres comer mijo?  Before I even opened my mouth […]

LATISM, Dolores Huerta, and Your Love – Thank You!

I’m sitting on the plane right now, exhausted, con los pies que me están matando – we definitely don’t have that many stairs in Houston – pensando, en tantas cosas tan hermosas that happened to me the last few days.  I’m afraid that I’ll blink and it will all have […]

My Almost Big Fat Mexican Wedding…

We never actually had a wedding.  We sort of talked about it, and talked about it some more, and then finally opted for the low key exchange of nuptials instead.  I mean we literally just showed up at a retired judge’s home in a nearby little town one day and […]

Rata De Dos Patas, And Other Scorned Love Worthy Songs

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  Para una corazón roto there’s definitely nothing like a Spanish song about despecho. That feeling that you get after a love affair gone wrong, kind of a mix between hatred, anger and disappointment, where all you want is to spite the […]

“And They Called It Puppy Love” – Tontitos Enamorados

Of course her name was Maria Cantu!  It had a certain ring to it.  An air of beauty and romance.  Yes, even in elementary school! Her hair was golden brown, oro almost, like it had been kissed ever so sweetly by the sun, with large, dramatic curls that were long […]

Madre De Todas Madres: El Sexo Femenino y Sus Virtudes

My mother has always had a saying: el que lucha encuentra.  For a long time I thought it was exclusive to her, that she was the only one in my life who felt that way, that somehow, for some reason, she had had this ingrained in her mind and heart, and that […]

La Vida Es Un Carnaval: Let Somebody Know You Love Them

Sometimes there are no words that can be spoken, that should be spoken, or even that are necessary.  A deeper connection, innate in all of us, more animal instinct than anything else, I think, takes over and the only thing we are left to do is react to our own […]