El Pleito De Los Trastes

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are in your relationship, or how much or little you do outside of this highly detested chore, the infamous battle over who’s washing the dishes is bound to come up at some point during your “living together,” “marital,” or “shacked up” relationship […]

Una Piedra En El Camino, Me Enseño Que Mi Destino

Las piedras en México tienen historia.  They’re jagged and rough.  Shapely in all sorts of colors and sizes.  Smooth to the touch.   Rough to the grasp.  Sturdy.  They tell the story of generations gone by, of old men playing their instruments and singing their música de vara, of old women […]

Cellphone Fotos

This will be the blog that never ends.  “Yes it goes on and on my friends…”  Sorry, couldn’t help myself with that Lamb Chop reference there, LOL.  It was too easy.  Okay!  In all seriousness now, this post here today was inspired by a couple of ‘gal pal’ blogger friends […]

Translating For My Parents

At times I didn’t want to translate.  It was embarrassing to be the interpreter.  To not understand what that person was saying or how exactly it was my parents wanted me to convey their message.  It was unnerving, uncomfortable, even shameful.  The way people would look at me sometimes.  The […]

Lessons From My Mother

My mother has always been a strong woman.  Much stronger than any of us could have ever imagined, I think.  She was the one who crossed the Rio Bravo with a child on each arm, my brother Chuy in one, me on the other, sitting on nothing more than a […]

Himno De Un Pobre Pendejo

Feeling a little inspired by the narco-corridos on La Reina Del Sur, I’ve come up with my own variation of this musical genre.  I’m calling it ‘El himno de un pobre pendejo.’  Just for fun, and my own personal entertainment!  A ver que les parece la letra. Si del pueblo […]

Raising A Bilingual Kid: Pozole, Frijoles and Indian Curry

Every time we sit down to break bread it’s always the same thing.  I don’t want that.  What is that?  I don’t know what that is, so I don’t like it. If we happen to be eating something like menudo or nopales, anything unfamiliar to him that he is trying […]