Raising a Bilingual Kid: Time Out vs Chancletazo

As children we did not know there was such a thing as time out.  Instead, we knew that when mamá or papá gave us that look we had better stop doing whatever it was we were doing, or else.  The or else could have been anything from un manotazo, to […]

Ay, Au, Uy & Other Things Bilingual Kids Say

He’s still at that age where we have to remind him, or should I say fight with him about things like: Hey go to bed! Clean your room!  Turn off that television!  No more Netflix!  Get up, time to go to school!  Or what all our parents had to do […]

Los Castigos De Nuestros Padres

It’s no secret that our parents (Latino moms and dads) do not play when it comes to discipline.  My mother and father, papá especially, didn’t have to do more than give us “The Look” in order for us to know it was time to stop whatever we were doing immediately […]