Remember when Telenovela Stars were Stars?!

Once upon a time, not too long ago, a telenovela’s stars – any telenovela in fact – would shine bright… like a diamond almost.  Okay, well not that bright.  But it did seem not too long ago that when an actress or an actor would take on a leading role […]

10 Celebs Whose Accents We Can’t Get Enough Of!

Once upon a time, accents weren’t cool.  I know, can you believe that?!  Nowadays, it seems some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry belong to Latino stars with varying degrees of thick to thicker accents.   Some would argue the accent is sexy.  That it gives these Latino […]

Salma, Sofia, JLo, Christina, Eva & Eva – Yeah, They’re All Nominated for ALMA Awards

Nombre, you’re better off asking who’s not nominated?  I kid, LOL!  Pero fijense nomás, if you were to ask that question I’d have to say folks like America Ferrera and Rosario Dawson who haven’t been in the limelight very much this year at all.  Those folks are probably the only […]

10 Latinos ABC Should Consider for ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Not that ABC is asking or anything, but you know how I like to meter mi cuchara in everything.  Well, since William Levy was such a huge hit on Dancing With The Stars this season – bringing in a whole new audience and engaging so many millions of viewers all […]

Mexi-Vocabulario: Words For Conquering a Woman’s Heart

I was originally going to call this post Mexi-Vocabulario: Palabras Para Ligar, which basically means the same thing as the English translation above, so let’s go ahead and start there.  ¡Ligar!  To conquer.  To make the object of your affection fall madly in love with you… or at the very […]

10 Latinos In Entertainment Using Their Cultura to Work It

The other day I wrote about how seemingly times are a changing for Latinos in the entertainment industry.  At least to me, it seems more opportunities could be on the horizon.  Not only for the artists at the forefront of these changes, but also for the millions of us who […]

Latinos In Entertainment, Have We Reached a New Era?

First it was Jennifer Lopez on American Idol, then Christina Aguilera on The Voice.  Now, just as both Univision and FOX are airing the same first-of-its-kind bilingual show, Q’Viva The Chosen, ABC is incorporating Cuban heartthrob William Levy into their hit show Dancing With The Stars, and Telemundo is producing […]

Latino Entertainment

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