Last Minute Do-It-Yourself Halloween Accessories: Flores

Mexi-Style with Anjelica (@la_anjel) So for those of you still undecided about what to wear for Halloween, even if you’re not the type to go all out for the occasion, in the next couple of days I’ll be posting a couple of quick and easy accents and accessories you can […]

Ghosts, Goblins, and an Online Costume Contest for Halloween – Submit your pictures!

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday!! For one, you get to dress up in whatever kind of costume or alter ego you want to.  Then, you can actually walk or drive to complete strangers’ houses and expect them to give you candy just because you’re wearing a costume… or […]

Easy Do-It-Yourself Halloween Costumes, Estilo Mexicano

So for Halloween a few years ago we weren’t sure what to do.  We had not really planned out any costumes – we rarely do – and the holiday was just around the corner.  The idea was to dress up and go out for the night, while at the same […]

You Made Me #1, I Want To Say Gracias With a Little Something!

How are you all liking Anjelica‘s Halloween series?  I’m so inspired by all of her crafty creations.  ¡Qué mujer!  I wish I could do that. Today, though, I wanted to write to you about something else.  A couple of weeks ago, for about 10 weeks, I was participating in an […]