Celebrating “El Grito De Independencia” Everyday

¡El Grito! Of Mexican Independence that is.  This year to commemorate this very special day in history for all of us mexicanos around the world I thought about writing something that would explain a little more about what this day means… only I had already done that in this post […]

How Do You Properly Dispose Of A Veladora Once It Burns Out?

A candle yes, but not just any candle. Una veladora. The kind with Mary, Jesus or a Santo on the front side, a prayer on the back side, and a glass container to contain all of its holiness in one place. This is not a sacrilegious post…let me just get […]


The Alanis family, begun almost four decades ago in the hills of Cerritos, San Luis Potosi, Mexico.  Exported by choice, sweat and tears to the valley’s of South Texas and beyond.  Now growing.  Growing up.  Growing stronger. Dos Marias, Dos Moiseses, Un San Juan, Irma Linda, Blanca Gloria, Una Ambrosia, […]

La Basura De Unos Es El Tesoro De Otros

One Person’s Trash Is Another’s Treasure Inspired by a gringa named Sra. Lopez who runs one of the most compelling Hispanic-interest blogs on the World Wide Web (www.Latinaish.com), centered on her life as a Caucasian-Latina, I had to write about our obsession as Latinos with being frugal and always finding […]

Legacy Of A Legend

Last week I went to my grandmother’s funeral in Mexico. It had been more than six years since I’d last been to the country in which both my parents were born. Every year I’d come up with some excuse as to why I couldn’t afford to go or didn’t have the vacation time to take off from my job. The truth is I wasn’t interested in going.

The reason for that escapes me now, but driving into those celestial Sierra Madre Mountains last week shook me to the core in a way that I hadn’t been in a long while.

About Us

Hey y’all, thanks for visiting us!  We’re Juan, Anjelica and Edgar, better known as Los Metiches online.  As you can tell, we’re from the Great State of Texas.  Life is good here, bueno that is if you don’t mind HOT weather almost all year round and a lot of humidity to […]