Latinx Newswire Launches ‘Celebrate Hispanic Greatness’ Campaign to Honor Hispanic Icons and Pioneers Who Continue to Inspire the World

— Educational Campaign and Quiz Contest Will Measure ‘Hispanic/Latino/Latinx Heritage IQ,’ Bridge Historical Knowledge Gaps and Remind Hispanics — and non-Hispanics — of Latinx Contributions to the United States and the World —

MIAMI, FL – September 23, 2021 – (LATINX NEWSWIRE) – Latinx Newswire, the only Latino-owned and operated multimedia press release distribution service specializing in the U.S. Hispanic market, has launched an awareness campaign about Latinx icons and pioneers who have changed the nation, the continent and the entire world. 

The educational campaign titled “Celebrate Hispanic Greatness” kicks off this week during Hispanic Heritage Month on several leading U.S. Hispanic Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn communities, united by the hashtag #celebratehispanicgreatness. The aims of the year-long campaign are three-fold: 

— to instill a sense of pride among Hispanics about their achievements and contributions to the United States and the World; 

— to educate those interested in learning more about the growing U.S. Hispanic market; 

— to tell the untold stories about inspiring Hispanic/Latino/Latinx who have not received a fair share of historical recognition, since much of this Latino history has been left out of American History books.

“From cell phones to submarines, from color television to X-Ray microscopes, Hispanics have pioneered many of the modern inventions that we enjoy today,” said Bill Gato, Latinx Newswire’s CEO and Partner. “As the leading Hispanic news distribution service, our mission is to share the heroic stories of all Hispanics – past and present — who are innovating and making important contributions,” Gato said. “Stories about heroes in any culture are the ones worth writing about and sharing.”

The Hispanic icons featured in the campaign come from a diverse array of fields: Entertainment, Science, Technology, Sports, Business, Lifestyle, Arts & Culture and Public Service. The campaign also spans several generations — and will even honor pre-Columbian civilizations. Some of the Hispanic icons include Puerto Rico’s Rita Moreno, one of the few entertainers of any ethnicity to win all four of the major entertainment awards: a Grammy, Emmy, Tony and Oscar. The Latinx pioneers include Guillermo González Camarena, the Mexican engineer who invented the color television at the age of 17.

“As we began doing research for a Hispanic Heritage Month campaign to educate others, I was surprised at how little I myself knew about the history of some of these great Hispanic/Latino/Latinx inventors and pioneers,” Gato said. “We discovered a treasure trove of greatness that will hopefully inspire our people to continue achieving great things and inspire more respect for our people by Non-Latinos. We decided to make this a year-long campaign that will serve as an educational resource for information about Latino culture and heritage.”

To draft the vignettes that form part of the campaign, Latinx Newswire enlisted the aid of former Miami Herald Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Elaine De Valle, who is Cuban-American. These vignettes are available at

The “Celebrate Hispanic Greatness” campaign will also include an online educational quiz contest that tests a participant’s knowledge or “IQ” of Hispanic/Latino/Latinx icons and pioneers, or general information about Hispanic culture, history and demographics. Participants who correctly answer a series of 20 questions will have a chance to win Latinx Newswire multimedia press release distributions and other prizes. To access the Latinx Heritage IQ Quiz, CLICK HERE.

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