Just How Latino are Your Birthday Celebrations?

Just How Latino are Your Birthday Celebrations?

As a mother of three I’ve had my share of kid’s birthday parties over the years, from planning them to attending them.  I’ve handcrafted personalized invitations, and now even use networking sites like Facebook to send out virtual invitations to my guests.  What I hadn’t done until recently was take […]

The meaning of Chipil

Chípil. ¡Que ya encargaste!

Have you ever been at a tía’s house and they notice that your toddler is being extra clingy?  No matter what you do or what you give him, your kid won’t stop crying or fussing, or wrapping themselves around your leg and refusing to let go!  I don’t know about you, but […]

Missing Mexico by Sybil Sanchez

Memories of Mexico: The Memories I One Day Hope to Pass On to My Kids

[imagebrowser id=2] When I was in middle school my parents would send me and my siblings to Mexico for the summer.  My two younger brothers, sister and I would spend our summer vacations with our maternal grandfather in Rioverde, San Luis Potosí.  My grandma frequently traveled between Rioverde and Houston, […]

cake by matt gibson gothick_matt

Milk vs Soda: Which do you prefer with cake?

In honor of Juan’s birthday, I decided that I’d address a topic, a choice, that has baffled me for many years. It’s nothing I lose sleep over but every birthday I attend and celebrate with birthday cake, the interest in this is spurred up again. There are some things that […]

chronicles of a latinas dating life sybil sanchez juanofwords

Chronicles of a Latina’s Past Dating Life: Not Meeting The Parents!

We learn a lot from television and one of the things I definitely remember watching as a kid were shows about American teenage girls bringing their dates home to meet the parents. Usually the father would welcome the boy inside and then proceed to interrogate him about his intentions with […]

latino-family-picnic-laura-brightwood juanofwords

Leaving The Nest: It’s Not Always at 18 For Latinos

FROM JUAN: I’ve been telling Sybil for years now how much I admire her voice and her pictures as a Mexican mother, woman and individual.  Today, I am deeply pleased to introduce to you dear friends my good friend and creative writer Sybil Monciváis Sánchez.  Sybil and I first met […]