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Falling into a new routine for back to school

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with JCPenney. All opinions are my own.

Falling into a new routine for back to school

His very first day of school was 10 years ago now. I still remember it vividly, like it literally just happened yesterday. He didn’t cry. He didn’t ask us not to leave him behind. He was wearing a colorful little backpack that was shaped like an airplane and had a little propeller and everything on it. Anjelica had purchased it because in those days I was working at the airport and Edgar loved going to watch airplanes land and takeoff with us.

We would park at the top of the parking garage in the airport and just watch the airfield activity, especially at night when all the lighting looked extra dramatic.

This year, he’s starting his high school years. The last four years of being a child, even though to us he will always be our kid. A lot has changed in those 10 years.

He’s developed a personality. He has things to say and wants to be heard. He’s become very independent, often preferring to do his own thing rather than hang out with his parents. We kind of saw that one coming, but it did hit me like a ton of bricks the first time he said, “no, y’all go ahead… I just want to stay home.” He’s a great kid actually. Very level headed and we’re told very funny by our friends and family.

The kid’s got comedic timing. I’ll give him that.

So since he’s going to high school now what to wear is a bigger deal than it ever was before. We’ve started picking up a few items here and there, and recently spent some time at our local JCPenney getting some must-have items for back to school. JCPenney is definitely the one-stop shopping destination for back to school with so many on-trend, stylish and affordable fashions to choose from. We have never been big on name brands, but if you want them they have them there… along with classic and more traditional styles.

I think I would have to say Edgar’s sense of style is heavily influenced by us, especially Anjelica. She likes mixing old with new, and vintage with modern. For him, the nineties are actually vintage so this look he put together with a little help from mom is precisely that: 90’s retro.

Not only were the individual pieces affordable, they’re very versatile and will give him lots of options for wearing them over the next school year. Here’s where my fashion influence comes in – I like clothing items that offer effortless utility because I’m always on the move doing something different and I need my clothes to keep up without being uncomfortable.

He’s into basketball and wants to try baseball and other sports too. That means his back to school shopping list is getting longer and longer. For us that just means more trips to JCPenney. The nice thing is we can always find something for ourselves too while we are there.

Here’s to a great school year ahead for him and to all of those going back to school in a couple of weeks.

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