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Visiting Time Square in New York City

What are the odds of randomly running into someone you know at Times Square? Well the truth is I’m not completely sure, but that’s exactly what happened to me recently on my trip to New York City. It had been a few years since I had last visited the Big Apple, and this time I decided I wanted to do a bit more exploring. You know, it just never seems like there’s enough time explore the entire city.

My first stop, of course, was Times Square. It really is the perfect place to just walk around and watch other people, no matter what time of day or night.

This time I had no plan. I walked about half an hour from my hotel to Times Square, and once there I was really just ready to take it all in. I was actually broadcasting live on Facebook when someone walked up and asked me, “are you Juan Alanis?”

Les confieso that at first I was a little shocked to hear my name, but once we got to talking I was really quite happy to run into a familiar face. As it turned out, this person had actually lived in New York City before, and that meant this person knew a lot of the best places to eat. After we wandered around for a bit we ended up at a nice little French restaurant that was pretty delicious. It ended up being the perfect little spot for my trek to Times Square that night.

So while we walked around, here are some of the images I was able to capture as well. I hope they give you a little bit of the excitement of visiting Times Square that they gave me!

Visiting Time Square in New York City

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