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Las cruces de madera (crosses)

Las cruces de madera (crosses)

We’ve grown up with the cross really. Both of our families were raised in the Roman Catholic faith, and from the first time we were introduced to the church we understood the cross has a special meaning in our heritage. It’s a symbol of hope for some. A light at the end of a tunnel. A passage to something greater than ourselves. A higher power really. And as it turns out, quite a symbol of self expression too.

Over the years we’ve come to understand our own faith in a very personal way, and that has made our appreciation even stronger. We don’t apologize for our beliefs and we try not to judge the beliefs of others. At the same time we’ve also started to accumulate a little collection of crosses in our home. These crosses represent who we are and in many cases were made with great care and a lot of love.

That’s what the cross represents to us. Love. Hope when we are in need of consolation and comfort. And so we wanted to share a few of the crosses in our home with you as well.

This cross is beautifully hand-painted and some might say it’s talevera inspired. We’re no experts, but it certainly was one we wanted for ourselves.

Contrary to our own title, this cruz is not made of wood, but instead of porcelain. The colors are what drew us in immediately. That’s a mirror in the middle too.

A simpler version of the cross. This one is definitely all wood.

And this one we bought in San Antonio at Market Square. It’s so hard to visit and not buy anything there when you are surrounded by vendors with so many incredible treasures.

We’re hoping to add more crosses to our collection soon! We’d love to see any you’ve collected as well.

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