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The beauty of Chicano Park

The beauty of Chicano Park

I realized this week that I never got around to really explaining what it was that impacted me so strongly about San Diego’s Chicano Park. You know how when something just speaks to you on a deeper level? Well that’s exactly what happened between me and Chicano Park.

I had never even heard of this park to be quite honest, and the only reason we ventured over for a visit was because a good friend recommended it in passing. Our plans for the day were pretty much to explore San Diego, and so my partner for the day and I decided to go ahead and drive into Barrio Logan for a visit.

What happened next can’t really be translated into words. As soon as the massive murals started appearing alongside me as we drove into the heart of Chicano Park I knew this was going to be an incredibly powerful experience. Every single piece of art I saw next filled my heart and soul with even more pride.

These are my people, these are my stories, this is who I am, were the thoughts that filled my mind.

Immediately I was mesmerized, and so I did what any other self-respecting blogger would do. I pulled out my phone and started taking as many pictures as possible. No matter what I say or write, in this case the images definitely speak louder than the words.

Have a look and tell me you’re not in awe of these beautiful works of art too.

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