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5 Classic Blog Posts for Cinco de Mayo

This Cinco de Mayo we have decided to celebrate the occasion with a little bit of a list. This list, as you might imagine, is all about the sometimes devise U.S. holiday known as Cinco de Mayo, which takes place every year on the 5th of May.

Now wether you celebrate the date or not, the following list will certainly make you a little thirsty… and maybe even leave you with  a little extra food for thought.

In any case, all of these creative Cinco de Mayo posts are quite fun.

Cucumber Melon Agua Fresca

Who doesn’t love an agua fresca?  It it’s a cucumber (pepino) aqua fresca, even better. You’ll really enjoy this quick and easy recipe from our friend Sweet Life!

5 Classic Blog Posts for Cinco de Mayo

Cinco Reasons Why I Love Being Mexican-American

This post is precisely what makes CraftyChica.com such a pleasure to read. Kathy Cano-Murillo, the founder of the award-winning blog, explores why she is so proud about being Mexican-American.

Fresh Fruit Margaritas 

The title says it all. Fresh fruit AND margaritas! That’s a winning combination in our book, and also on the Hispanic Kitchen website. Spend a couple of hours exploring their delectable recipes now or anytime really. Your tastebuds will thank you.

Cinco de Mayo Playlist: 10 Songs of Resistance 

Always willing to go beyond the norm, this post from Remezcla in 2012 is still a pretty darn good read today!

Paletas de Tamarindo 

And finally, if you have not yet discovered these paletas de tamarindo over at La Cocina de Leslie’s website, do yourself a favor and rush over there now. Leslie is based in Mexico and every single one of her recipes is full of flavor and character. Check it out.

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