Juan of Words

The Detour!

Life is about changes. Dealing with them. Adapting to them. Even thriving on them, some might say. Although I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself a part of the group of people who might voluntarily say the latter. The truth is, para mi, change has always been a little bit uncomfortable to say the least. Pero the one thing I have noticed, is the older I get, the more I’ve lived, the easier it has become for me to not have such a big reaction to things when they are shifting.

And that’s precisely what life has been doing lately.


Going from the known to the unknown. And that’s a little scary, to be honest. But also really, really exciting!

I shared this video on Facebook this week sharing a bit of news about where we are in this moment in time, and have really been overwhelmed by the positive response it has received. People have been so kind and generous with their comments and good wishes, that all I can think to say is thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!

The support of our community really means the world to us, and I just can’t explain how humbling it is to know people believe in what we are about.

No le sigo porque puede que me ponga a chillar, but just know that we are energized, excited and looking forward to what comes next!

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