Juan of Words

San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio is one of those cities where you can’t help but have a good time. This evening I spent some time in the Alamo City because I’m in for a day trip from Houston. Initially my plan was to stay in the hotel for the night and just relax, but then I called the front desk and they informed me they did not actually offer room service. After moaning and groaning for a bit me cambie de los warm ups y me volvi a poner unos jeans para salir a la calle. I ended up walking the river walk and having some Tex Mex at a local restaurant called ‘The Original Mexican Restaurant.’

Of course I had to eat there!

Then, these are a few of the pictures I captured along my leisurely walk.

San Antonio
These botas picudas were too awesome!
They called this La Taqueria. It was A LOT of food, even for me.
Not the greatest picture, but the only one of myself I took.
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