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Relationship advice from a 12 year old

We’re driving back from from picking up chicken strips. Edgar gets a phone call and answers the phone. It’s Anjelica and she’s wondering where we are. We were craving buffalo style chicken strips again and Edgar and I left without telling her where we were going. He tells her we’re driving back and proceeds to ask her if everything is okay. My assumption is that she says yes because he proceeds to very attentively ask her again “are you sure mom?”

They hang up and we’re just crossing the railroad tracks, about seven minutes from getting home.

Me: What did she say?

Edgar: She was asking where we were because we didn’t tell her where we were going.

Me: Oh okay… everything okay?

Edgar: Yeah… everything’s okay.

Me: How did she sound? Worried? Confused?

Edgar: No. She was calm, just wondering where we were.

Me: Oh okay… that’s good.

Edgar: See, that’s how you’re supposed to talk to her. Ask her if everything is okay. Be nice. She doesn’t get mad at me, because I know how to talk to her.

Me: Oh, really!

Edgar: Yeah.

I can’t help but laugh. This kid is wise beyond his young age.

Relationship advice from a 12 year old
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