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Somebody please help Chiquis Rivera!

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I know it sounds mean. In all honesty, this post is not intended to be malicious. Sure, when news first broke that Jenni Rivera’s daughter Chiquis Rivera would become a singer herself my expectations weren’t all that high. Then, after months and months of speculation, she finally made her first appearance as a performer sometime last year, and to my surprise she wasn’t half bad. If memory serves me right, my thoughts exactly were… “huh, maybe she does have a career ahead of her after all.”

Most likely that’s true even now. Chiquis after all is the daughter, niece, granddaughter, etc., of banda music royalty. The Riveras are nothing if not resourceful when it comes to managing their brand and careers.

The problem with her latest performance – at Premios Lo Nuestro this month – is that it was so different from her last. This time she seemed trapped somewhere between pop music, an Olga Tañon ballad, and a third kind of familiar sound that was reminiscent of the ranchera-banda music that made her mother so infamous. Only the woman performing this new single, La Malquerida appeared less Chiquis Rivera and more over the top and overdone. It was really just very confusing.

Hey, who knows? She is just starting out and finding her own voice. Maybe she’s just trying out different looks and styles to see what suits her most. We’re willing to wait around to see what her next performance will bring, pero on the real… somebody please help Chiquis Rivera. Echenle una manita…

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