Juan of Words



A little bit off.


Goofy, even.

Just not exactly how they are “supposed” to be acting. That’s usually what it means when someone says chisquiado or chisquiada. The word itself, chisquear can be interpreted to mean to confuse or amuse others. So you know when someone is speaking to you and they utter a complete sentence, but the words are all backwards. You nod in agreement at first, but then when your mind tries to process the sentence you just heard, it says “hold on, that’s off!”

You usually muster up something like, “huh?” And the other person then either looks at you bewildered at why you did not comprehend them (usually because they have no idea how they said what they said), or they laugh and apologize for their confusing wording. It’s one of those things that happens to all of us. If caught in the right tone and spontaneity it can be pretty hilarious too.

That’s when the word chisqueado comes in. ¡Estás bien chisqueado!

Or at least it does in our case. I think that’s one of Anjelica’s favorite words actually.


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