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Tacos potosinos, and then some

I promise we’re not transitioning into a food blog. Not yet anyway, jajaja! Only that lately we’ve been around a lot of great food. Take for example these tacos potosinos, accompanied by a side of delicious homemade gorditas al estilo El Sauz, Cerritos, San Luis Potosi, México. That’s my family’s rancho in Mexico in case you’re not aware.

And you see, well a lot of our family and conocidos from the rancho have been holding regular fundraisers in order to raise enough money to rebuild the community church in El Sauz. They’ve been selling these delicious treats, among many others, to make that happen. From what I hear, things are going quite well. So there I went, determined to make a difference, and of course, to get my own tacos and gorditas too, jajaja! Okay, so maybe one more than the other… LOL!

But the point is the food was delicious. The tacos potosinos (front and center below) were especially amazing.

I think I’m ready for the next fundraiser.

Tacos potosinos, and then some

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