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Craft fail

I was thrilled about starting this new craft project.

A few days before, I had come across a beautiful jewelry holder at Target, which I then decided was too expensive to buy. It looked simple enough, and I figured I could recreate something similar all by myself. I started, and I was all the way at the very last step when I made a crucial mistake that I could not fix. Needless to say, this was a lesson learned!

I now know not to add water (or any moisture) to triple thick glaze.

Had I not made this critical mistake I would have a new jewelry holder right now.

Instead, all I have to share is the picture of the jewelry holder I did not buy.

Craft fail

I used dowels, toothpicks, and E-6000 to start my project.

I spray-painted a dish that I had been using to retain water from a plant. I was also pretty excited to be sealing and glazing using gold glitter. As you can see, that is as far as I got.

If you decide to attempt this project, here’s a word to the wise. Do not make the same mistake I made.

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