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10 things a Latina would have said or done to Jay Z in Solange’s shoes

10 things a Latina would have said or done to Jay Z in Solange's shoes

Yes, it’s gratuitous. Yes, it was very hard to resist the urge. No, you don’t have to keep reading if you don’t want to hear or read anything else about the whole Solange-Jay Z controversy. Pero, I myself, I had to get this out of my system. Who knows what the hell he told her to make her so angry. Who knows who was wrong or right in this ridiculous escandalo, but what I couldn’t help wondering was what if he had said whatever he said to a Latina?

A strong, take-no-one’s crap, Latina, who might have reacted with the same level of fury as Solange? What would she have said or done? I thought it would be fun to take a jab at answering that question:

10. Hijo de tu…. 

9. ¿Quién te crees pen…? 

8. Nomás deja que lleguemos a la casa, ¡cabron! 

7. No words. Just a big dramatic slap across the face. 

6. ¡Te dije, que, no, estés, chingando! 

5. ¡Bey! ¡Agarra tu esposo! ¡O no respondo! 

4. ¿Muy machito verdad? Pues, ¡orale! TOMA!!

3. ¡Ya mero! 

2. ¡Qué rapero millonario ni que ocho cuartos! 


I feel better about my curiosity now 🙂

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