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Making old traditions new again

They’re not exactly new, but for us they’ve only recently become a regular source of healthy nutrition for our diet. Juan would say they’re pipirisnaisor not for the people from his ranchoLOL! – believe me, we’ve had those discussions – but I have always insisted it’s the way our ancestors used to eat. Without any preservatives. Natural food from local ranches, and well, slowly but surely, I think he’s coming around to the idea too. We were at his mom’s house the other day, in fact, and he was telling her all about the farmer’s market we had shopped at. He said, “yeah, they all bring their own grocery bags so they don’t have to get any plastic bags…” His mother responded: “Oh yeah, like we used to do in the rancho.” I didn’t say anything, but I could tell by the look on his face he was a little surprised by her answer 🙂

This is some of what we found at our local Urban Harvest farmer’s market.

Healthier eating one Farmer's market at a time
We’re big fans of celery. I like using it to make my juices.
The carrots are also a great ingredient for natural, healthy juices.
I don’t know when Juan snapped this picture of me, but yes, I was pretty excited about the celery.
There were lots of different vendors at this Urban Harvest farmer’s market, and everything smelled so fresh, including these flowers.
My mom would have loved the plants!
I was surprised to find almost all of the meat was sold out by the time we made it to the farmer’s market.
But this cutie more than made up for the lack of meat available. Everyone was so excited about the little goat… especially Juan, LOL!

All in all, it was a good trip, and one we’ll likely be repeating very soon.

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