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Holy Mess: Five Memes from the Lucerito Scandal!

Lucerito, can you say… “sorry!”  Hell, at this rate even an “I’m sorri for you” would probably help the embattled Mexican sweetheart who once again is the focus of a huge scandal in Mexico.  This time though, parece que la que metió la pata was Lucero herself.  It all started when some pictures of the Mexican actress and singer surfaced in which she was posing next to slain animals that had been hunted by her millionaire boyfriend.  Apparently her children also appeared in some of the images, some reports have said posing next to guns.

In one picture in particular Lucero is said to have animal’s blood on her from the hunt.  Well, that’s all it took for an entire country to collectively yell “foul!” and to pretty much protest in a majority her actions that have been described as “out of character for Televisa’s safest and most PC starlet.”  Some have even exclaimed the Lucero we have known until now via her public persona is little more than a falsa, a cover up for the “real” Lucero we are seeing now.

The hashtag #LuceroAsesina is trending on Twitter, and some of her top brands, including the event Viña Del Mar, are said to be reconsidering her participation in their respective projects.  Uff, como que de esta no sale tan facil.  The last time she was involved in a scandal her security guard had pulled a gun on members of the press.   

People seemed to be more forgiving of that scandal.  It’s a shame really.  I like Lucero.  I consider her one of the last classic telenovela actresses in modern time.  For her sake, I hope she’s learned a lesson here, and that she’ll eventually just come out and apologize.

Until that happens, pues let’s just enjoy some of the crazier memes people have shared online:

Holy Mess: Five Memes from the Lucerito Scandal!

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